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Rekreation Marketing is a full-service marketing firm specializing in connecting brands with consumers through sports and recreational lifestyle marketing.

We specialize in FINDING, CONNECTING and ACTIVATING the right audience for our partners.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

All great accomplishments begin with a compelling vision, a clear idea of the ultimate goal along with the values and data that drive our decisions along the way. Every product and brand has different needs and we help our partners develop and define the right strategy to reach the desired target audience and ultimately grow their business.

Marketing Planning Process

Planning & Process

Our process with clients includes analyzing, developing, planning and managing a project from start to finish. We utilize market research and proprietary data to determine the best course of action to effectively execute the best possible plan for advertising, promotions and distribution.

Analytics Media Measurement

Measurement and Media – Analytics

For more than 20 years, we have combined the best data and research with long standing relationships to develop highly effective custom lifestyle integrated marketing solutions. Our methods allow us to deliver against all marketing needs, from planning and creative development to program management and measurement. We utilize data to drive our decision making to ensure the best possible results for our partners.

What We Do, How We Do It

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

As technologies continue to evolve, so do customer behavior and media consumption. As a result, the marketing activities of organizations also needs to keep up with both the availability of digital technologies and developing strategies to meet consumer expectations online. Let us share with you how internet marketing can impact consumer engagement targeting and engaging with the right people, at the right time, and in real time.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Social media networks are critical channels for your brand’s voice and content. Whether you’re looking to increase brand recognition, access new customers, or improve brand loyalty, using social media marketing strategies can significantly foster relationship building. We know where, when, and how to speak to your existing and new customers.

email marketing

Email Marketing

The best email marketing is individual, fitting, and well timed. Rekreation Marketing recognizes email marketing to be one of the top performing technological marketing tools available. We help our clients continually improve their ROI with quality email list development, advanced segmentation, and email automation.

content marketing

Content Marketing

We specialize in creating content marketing strategies that target audiences who are worn out from being pitched through ads. Rekreation Marketing will produce engaging social and digital content that is easily shareable, so our partners sustain their authentic and brand loyalty.



Rekreation Marketing understands successful branding has more do to with truth than tricks. We help clients solve their identity challenge by focusing on building connections. We help your brand identify issues you stand for and provide a narrative that is made straightforward and transparent. Most importantly, we recognize formidable brands elicit powerful emotional connections.

creative design

Creative Design

A picture can say a thousand words, and we can help improve your bottom line through strategy backed design and custom creative solutions. We distinctively create each piece to clearly define your brand and reflect your brand experience, distinguishing you from competition.

website development

Website Development

Your website is a critical pathway for consumers to gain immediate access and a better understanding of your offerings and services. We’ll help you establish a strong web presence that is appealing, relatable, user-friendly, and designed to showcase offerings to drive maximum site activity and influence consumer engagement.



We understand how search engine optimization plays into the success of your brand website. We ensure that SEO is an integral part of the process. We follow strategic techniques with proprietary SEO methodologies to elevate websites for appropriate organic search rankings. Ultimately, we strive to attract more consumers, encourage conversions, create more sales, and deliver more revenue to your bottom line.

experiential marketing

Experiential Marketing

We have a rich history of “putting passion in play” developing events and experiences that excite and engage consumers leveraging the emotional connectivity to sports. Our goal is to create strategic, efficient and fun programs that create memorable experiences for customers. They’ll remember your message, and more importantly, how you made them feel.

public relations

Public Relations

When it comes time to promote a fresh new product or service, Rekreation Marketing is adept at creating a narrative to advance your message to a targeted audience. Whether through social media promotions, special events designed for public outreach and media relations or press releases, we create a story why they should care, now.

media planning

Media Planning & Placement

Once a brand has developed its sales and marketing objectives, Rekreation Marketing provides a sophisticated media campaign, utilizing traditional media forms, that maximizes budgets based on performance data and media effectiveness. Our plans include all critical data relating to our client's consumer target, products, and goals.

direct marketing

Direct Marketing

With the ability to drive customers through different media channels, we view direct mail as a relevant, tactile and effective marketing tool for brand recall when mixing online and off-line platforms. We can help augment your marketing focus with innovative ideas to leverage the benefits of Direct Marketing.

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