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0731logoMore Americans participated in outdoor recreation in the past 12 month than in any year to date. 141.9 million participants got outdoors last year, up from 141.1 million participants in 2013.

It’s easy to understand why Florida is known as the place where the “World Comes to Play“. Florida has a rich history and tradition as a sport state. With 12 Major sport franchise’s within MLB, NFL NHL & the AFL, 26 Division I and II college teams and the largest year-round golfing, boating and fishing industry, the professional, amateur and recreational sport industry in Florida represents $36 Billion dollars annually. For brands, we aim to create a customized solution within this extensive and passionate landscape.

At Rekreation Marketing we recognize that the sporting lifestyle provides a sincere, pure fulfillment that few other areas of endeavor provide. It gives us the opportunity to be creative, test ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally.

We specialize in FINDING, CONNECTING and ACTIVATING the right audience through sports.

Every product and brand has different needs and we help identify the right market within the Florida Sports Lifestyle segments.
All great accomplishments begin with a compelling vision, a clear idea of the ultimate goal and the values that drive our decisions along the way. Our Vision is to create harmony, adventure, and community connections through recreational sporting experiences that work to enhance and enrich our quality of life.


Our mission is simple, to leverage each unique sports lifestyle groups passion, and influence the active core enthusiast on behalf of the innovative brands that strive to engage with & activate their consumers.


Rekreation Marketing’s goal is to create strategic, engaging and effective ideas to help our clients connect with consumers and grow their business.

For 15 years we have combined the best data and research with long standing relationships to develop highly effective custom lifestyle integrated marketing solutions. Our methods allow us to deliver against all marketing needs, from planning and creative development to program management and measurement.

Services Include:

Search Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Mobile Solutions & Mobile Marketing
Effective Web Design
Online Reputation Management
CRM /Database Profile Management
Email Marketing
Graphic Design Services
Brand Imaging /Collateral/Design
Video Production
Media Planning & Placement
Direct Mail Marketing
Rewards/Loyalty Retention Strategies
Marketing Consulting
Strategic Brand Partnerships



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