Amtrak Promotes Express Service via Smartphone Technology to Golfers

big_Amtrak Acela01

When savvy advertisers want to reach affluent males for branding opportunities, the golfing community has been a consistent targeted lifestyle community.

New technology is fast becoming available for brands to reach a new golf consumer-younger, digitally connected- via smartphones and wearables like smartwatches and brands are quickly coming aboard.


Amtrak’s Acelas Express service has begun using FitAd, a 4 month old network, to reach golfers along the geo-targeted eastern seaboard. The Express Train brand is running banners via GolfShot, a social smartphone app used by golfers for yardages and record scores to share with friends.

Ben Addoms, CEO of Golfshot, added that golf courses- where players stand around for considerable lengths in between shots – provide and opportune time for branding.

“We’ve had a lot of success working with brands that are interested in golf,” Addoms said

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